Here are some useful answers to questions that you might have.

About our flour

Why roller milled flour?

What is added to your wholemeal bread flour? Is it stone ground? If you use steel roller mills to what extent are the various components separated, wheat germ and bran for example, and remixed?

We roller mill. The semolina is separated out and then ground and sieved into flour. The difference between stoneground and roller ground is the ability to break open more starch granules. The starch in the flour is used in the fermentation process. When it is broken open in grinding it allows the enzymes to attack and convert it to sugars which then feed the yeast to create gas to blow the dough up. The more we break open the stronger the fermentation and the more water is absorbed allowing the bread to last. Our wholemeal has everything put back in.

Why fortified flour?

By statute, any white wheat flour milled in the UK has to have calcium carbonate, iron, thiamine / Vitamin B1 and Nicotinic acid added. After the war the government decided that white wheat flour needed the same vitamins as wholemeal flour. For over 60 years we have added them to the flour. The new EU labelling laws over-rode the UK legislation which means we have to put the added nutrients in the ingredients list on our labels. If you need unfortified / unenriched flour then use Wessex Mill French flour (the French flour is milled in France where they do not add the fortified ingredients) or any of the wholemeal flours. Spelt flours do not have it added either as they are not classified as wheat.

The new labelling of the fortified flour will probably look like this to show we have added additional nutrients into the flour.

What are Flour Types T55 T45 Type 0 or Type 00?

A little confusing. Flour can be made from two types of wheat.

Hard Wheat is usually a dark brown and has a high protein. The hardness allows the starch to absorb more water after milling. It feels like fine sand and pours out of the packet.

Soft Wheat is usually white and low in protein. It feels like talcum powder after milling and falls in lumps out of the packet. In Europe, they use hard wheats that are locally grown to make bread. The proteins are quite low so they make the flour stronger by making the flour whiter, taking more of the bran out. To measure it they burn a sample of flour and weigh the ash that is left. So, a T55 French flour is whiter than a T65 flour. The 55 denotes 0.55% ash left. The UK uses stronger wheats from the Commonwealth and the Americas rather than making flour whiter. That is why French Bread stales quicker, they use a low-protein wheat that can not absorb water to make it last longer. So below is a rough guide. The colour of the flour does not match the strength of the flour. “00” grade Italian flour can be for pasta (high protein) or cakes (low protein). Our French flour is T65 and Pasta & Pizza is “00”.

Buying online with us

Where do I add a discount / coupon code?

When you click the basket icon you will be taken to an order summary page. Under ‘Cart total’ please look for Coupon Code. Click the down arrow, add your code and press Apply. This will automatically apply your discount to your basket for applicable items.

What is the delivery cost?

We have one set delivery cost for most UK addresses of £4.95. For those in The Highlands, Islands of Scotland and Northern Ireland the charge is £7.95. For those on The Isle of Man and The Isles of Scilly the charge is £9.95. This will be automatically applied at basket stage once your address is entered. It doesn’t matter how much you order or whether it is 1.5kg or 25kg it will always be the same!

Where do you deliver?

We are only able to deliver to UK addresses at this time. We do deliver to The Highlands, Islands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and The Isles of Scilly.

We currently do not ship to The Channel Islands, BFPO locations or the Republic of Ireland.

My order has arrived damaged, what do I do?

Please go to our Contact Page and complete the form. A member of the team will pick it up as quickly as possible.

I have only received part of my order – what should I do?

Sometimes DPD deliver items in two drop offs. This is often because of weight restrictions – so if you have ordered a sack plus other items, it can travel in two vans to you.  If you receive some of your items, check back at your tracking code, and the remaining items should arrive either later the same day, or the next day.
If the remaining parts of your order don’t arrive by the next day, please get in contact with us using our form.